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Casa Xochiquetzal is located on a hill, about a 10-minute walk along the beach from the town of San Agustinillo, a small, one-street town. Next to the beach, there are a lot of cozy restaurants with delicious traditional cuisine, including fresh fish, mole, tamales and handmade tortillas.

The town of Mazunte is about a 30-minute walk, and is part of the Mexico’s “Pueblo Magico” -- a selection of towns offering incredible natural beauty, cultural richness, vibrant traditions, deep folklore, historical reverence, tasty cuisine, magnificent art and crafts, as well as great hospitality. Mazunte also offers a variety of stores, including vegetable stores, pharmacies, medical clinics, and a wide selection of restaurants -- all surrounding a spotless and beautiful beach.

Punta Cometa, also named the Sacred Hill, is the furthest point in Mexico to the southwest, and a spectacular place to watch the most gorgeous sunrise in your entire life. Trust us, it’s definitely worth the 20- to 30-minute hike! In the other direction, about a 15-minute drive away, is the town of Zipolite, a free-spirited town with a nudist beach (don’t worry, being nude is fully optional). Zipolite features a variety of quaint restaurants, and many local artisans who are always happy to show visitors their crafts. The beach is open to the sea, making it quite dangerous to swim. But if you hike to the end of the beach you will reach La Playa del Amor, an intimate and breathtaking beach (that also gives you the choice of coming nude or clothed). To get supplies, head to Pochutla, located around 40 minutes’ drive from Casa Xochiquetzal.

One of the biggest towns in the region, Pochutla offers a street market every day to buy fresh organic products, especially on Mondays, when farmers who grow produce in the mountains, La Sierra, come to town to sell fresh food to locals and tourists alike.

Finally, La Sierra San José del Pacífico is located over 2,300 meters above sea level. It has evolved into a trendy destination, especially because of the fresh psychedelic mushrooms that can be bought in the area. However, this small town nestled in the mountains of Oaxaca has many other attractions, including a magical forest, and the ritual Temazcal, or traditional sweat lodge ceremony, offering health and therapeutic benefits.

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