How to Get Here

• Flight to Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, Mexico; flights typically land in Mexico City,
and require a connecting flight of approximately 1 hour to Huatulco or Puerto
• To get to the house, we recommend using a taxi or renting a car. Car rentals cost
around $40 per day in low season, and around $60 in high season.
• A taxi transfer from the airport costs between $80 to $100. However, we can pick
you up from the airport for just $40 (please book in advance with us). If using a taxi,
point them in the direction of Rancho de las Hamacas in San Agustinillo.
• If you’re renting a car, take the highway until you get to an OXXO, then turn left. This
way, you will get to Mazunte first, then San Agustinillo. When you get to the end of
town, turn right. Drive about 5 minutes to reach the entrance to Rancho de las
Hamacas. Go straight to an intersection, and take the road on the right that goes up.
When you see a wooden sculpture on the left you’ve arrived.

A Place to Dream

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Resort Locations

Rancho las Hamacas,
San Agustinillo,
Santa María tonameca ,
70947 Oaxaca,
Oax., Mexico

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P.+52 958 113 7459